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The Art of High Technology Requires Being a Programmer and a Scientist

Research carried out by Microsoft in 2015 confirms that because of the very fast tempo of existence, modern-day man has much less attention span than a goldfish. Therefore, it is very hard to attract and captivate him. Therefore, popular modern-day artwork must be high-quality thrilling. Creatives respond to this by means of growing high-tech art, where high-tech facilitates create works that audiences will love. Let's see why generation will save art and what's essential to the fulfillment of a modern-day artist. AI that creates artwork The very use of AI provides to the mystique of artworks. Using gadget getting to know frequently produces sudden results that cannot be explained and that people probable could no longer have notion of. This artwork transcends human cultural models, so it has the power to surprise. Perhaps this is why Ahmed Elgamal, director of the Rutgers University Artificial Intelligence and Art Laboratory, believes that the future lies in human-gadget

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